Best Female Doctors for Aesthetic Crown And Bridges in Dhaka

Best Female Doctors for Aesthetic Crown And Bridges in Dhaka

Dr. Kamrun Nahar Shanta

Dentist NameDr. Kamrun Nahar Shanta
Qualification:BDS, FCPS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)
Specialist In:
Chamber: Comfort Dental Surgery & Implant Center
Training: Advance Laser Training (Tokyo, Japan)
Advance Training: Dental Implant (Malaysia, Japan & India)
Ex-Lecturer, Conservative Dentistry Endodontics
University Dental College, Moghbazar, Dhaka
Life Member, Oral Health Foundation
Clinic Location: Bddl Basaboo height 1 No Middle Basaboo,3rd Floor, Dhaka
Contact Number: 01680-564590

Dr. Suraiya Farjana Mithila

Dentist NameDr. Suraiya Farjana Mithila
Qualification:BDS (Dhaka University)
Specialist In:
Chamber: Care'n Cure Dental
PGT: Oral & Maxiollofacial Surgery from D.D.C
PGT: Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from D.D.C
Lecturer, Pioneer Dental College & Hospital
Best Young Doctor
Visiting Hour: 5:30PM to 10:00PM
Clinic Location: Ka-57/1, Kuril Progati Sarani, Vatara, Dhaka 1229
Contact Number: 01723-605509

Best crowns and bridges in Bangladesh

Dental crown and bridge is a cosmetic dental practice that substitutes naturally compromised teeth for restoration and replacement of their function. This fabricated surrogate is not readily removable from the mouth.

The Dental crown is the right choice for your crooked, broken, or damaged teeth or for alignment correctness, while the dental bridge is the procedure of choice to fill the gaps between your teeth. Book your Best Female Doctors for Aesthetic Crown And Bridges Bangladesh right now using the given What's app Number.

What is a dental crown and bridge?

The Dental crown or “cap” and dental bridge are ceramic or porcelain fabricated substitutes for the teeth.

They are used as a replacement for distressed teeth. Dental caps and bridges also serve aesthetic purposes in orthodontics. Dental crowns cover the teeth that are broken or worn out to restore the smile and alignment of teeth. Crowns also fix the implants.

Any gaps in teeth are corrected by dental bridges. The adjacent teeth act as a pillar and are cemented to strengthen the pillar supporting the bridge. Bridges can link to 4 teeth by using false teeth easily.

Are dental crowns and bridges painful?

Dental crowns and bridges are installed after local anesthesia, making the process pain-free. The active professionalism practiced by dentists across Bangladesh makes it a go-to procedure for clients.

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